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Todd Durkin & Trina Gray Discuss Corporate Fit Challenge
An Inspiration for All

It’s Trina Gray here, owner of Bay Athletic Club, Team Beachbody coach and creator of the Corporate Fit Challenge. This system can change your business, change your life, if you are ready for it.

Whether you’re an at-home fitness coach, an independent trainer, or own a health club like I do — this system is so easy to implement. It’s about overhauling the habits in a workplace over six weeks. You coach them, offer food plans, journals, you create exercise prescriptions and host some group workouts. I have it all laid out for you from A to Z.

Let me tell you about an Independent trainer who picked up my corporate fit system last fall and made 10K in her first challenge. Her name is Libby Burkhalter and she lives in Louisiana. Libby has been a fitness professional for 27 years and has done it all. She has a ton of talent and connections in her community but was missing “the system.” She found her answer. Libby heard my presentation on the Corporate Fit Challenge at a seminar in San Diego. She was totally on board. Libby invested in the system and set her business on fire.

In fact, Libby made $10,180 on her first Corporate Fit Challenge at her local hospital. Yes, she had connections already, she is a smart business woman, she’s an accomplished trainer. Her results are typical of her success in fitness already. If you’re just starting, you’ll use this system to get your business established so you can eventually make $10K in one shot. Here is what she said about it.

“The Corporate Fit Challenge has been a driving force in my business and personally a lifesaver for me! I love what I do but I needed a way to reach more people and impact my community better. CFC is the perfect solution. Not only is it a great way to grow your business financially, but you will be able to inspire others to live the life they deserve!

People need us, people need trainers who are passionate and truly believe in what they are doing and spreading the love of fitness and health. In my first Challenge, we made more than $10,000! I was blown away with the unbelievable response. I hired a some trainers to help me and haven’t looked back.

This business works! Personally, my life has had tremendous challenges lately. I could have waited for a “better time” to start the CFC, but I’m glad I didn’t. It has been a driving force for me. It is what has helped me through my own struggles. Because when you reach out and help others overcome and take the focus off yourself and your problems then life is really GOOD! Thank you Trina for impacting my life and all those around it!”

Here are the results of Libby’s first program

  • She brought in $10,180 in revenue.
  • She mobilized a team of trainers to help.
  • She became the new go-to in wellness for the hospital.
  • The participants lost over 125 lbs and 105 inches in six weeks.
  • Two participants quit smoking.
  • On the last day of the Challenge, the hospital CEO offered to pay $75 toward each participant in the next Challenge and already set a date.
Here is a letter from the HR Director at this hospital. You’ll want to read this.

“In my 10 years working with wellness programs, I have never seen a group respond so well to any program, especially one as hands on as this. Overnight, the Corporate Fit Challenge was the “buzz” in most departments. We have a stronger workforce, in many ways.”
If you want to be in the business of changing lives. If you want to take your business to a new level in your community. If you want to make $10K off of one program, here is your answer.

P.S. I’m looking for you if you’re ready to take action. Whether you want to start with a program of 8 people or 80 people, I’ll help you. Why let others in the industry get ahead of you in corporate fitness? It’s not about brown bag lunch talks anymore. It’s about real change. The clock is ticking!

P.S.S. Smile and the world smiles with you. Make it a great day.



Keith Foster: Before and After

I have visited Decorative Panels Inc, a pressed-board manufacturing company in Alpena, Michigan with hundreds of employees who work in a plant and in the administrative offices, on all different shifts. They have completed three Corporate Fit Challenges with us to date and have far surpassed our expectations and theirs, losing hundreds of pounds and inches, ditching medications, and discovering a better life. I visited the workers at 10 p.m.one evening and six more times that week to remind them of the following:

  • Poor health is costly.
    Poor health is preventable. Poor health makes you poor in all areas of life -- quality of life, happiness, confidence, pain, relationships and health.
  • Choose to be in control.
    Choose to place fitness in your top five priorities. Fitness doesn't have to be all or nothing! Just 20-30 minutes per day as many days as possible. Activity needs to be more than just being on your feet at work, more than walking.
  • Simply cutting 75 calories per day
    (HALF a granola bar! HALF a can of soda) will eliminate 8 lbs. over the year.
  • Stop waiting. Tomorrow isn't easier, tomorrow isn't less busy.
One of their co-workers, Keith Foster, is an inspiration story to all. He didn't just lose weight, he changed his life, starting with the Corporate Fit Challenge. I will share pieces of his journey with them. People relate to real-life success stories, especially with a man who works side by side them.

Click the video below to watch Keith's story

It's your turn. Go create your own success stories. And then be sure to share them with me. Sincerely, Trina

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