Trina’s three simple steps to achieve success in 30 days.

1. Business Coaching

30 minute coaching call with Challenge Creator, Trina Gray
Customized action plan for launching a Challenge in 30 days

2. Comprehensive System

  • An 84-page manual explaining the entire six-week Challenge
  • Week-by-week itinerary
  • Customizable marketing material, including emails, flyers and talking points
  • Certificates and awards
  • Sample workouts
  • Comprehensive food plan, created with guidance from a registered dietician
  • Success journal and complete participant packet
  • Downloadable customizable forms to personalize program to YOU
  • Video with success stories of the Corporate Fit Challenge

3. On-going Accountability and Support

  • 24/7 email access to the CFC Program Director, Kelly Lake, who will help you get your challenge up and running. Kelly loves logistics, let her customize the Corporate Fit Challenge to work for your business and start feeding more people to your front door.


  • Business Coaching with Corporate Fitness Expert Trina Gray $495
  • Complete Business System with Proven Success Worldwide $995
  • Ongoing Accountability and Logistical Support $100
  • PLUS: New Program Revenue *$5,850/month
  • PLUS: FEEDER system to existing business *$4,680/month

*Based on conservative formula of two Challenges per month with average participation of 15 participants per Challenge. This system is proven to retain 80 percent of participants as clients, members or boot campers at the end. At Bay Athletic Club, we average 20+ participants per Challenge and start a new Challenge EVERY WEEK! You can, too!

BONUS: Amp up your business with raving fans and built in feeder system!

Total Value: Truly, this has OVERHAULED my business with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues. It has helped trainers get out of the red, and making money in 30 days.

What’s it worth? $12,120
But YOU won’t pay anywhere close to that!

In fact, you’ll pay just a fraction. And you’ll get my Money Back Guarantee!


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