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Personal Development

Trina lit up the year by challenging the Corporate Fit Challenge trainers to dig deep and do some personal development to kick off the year. When your life is a mess, your business is a mess. Take control NOW by following her simple 8-step plan for mapping out the year in all areas of your life. She then shared some new, cutting edge coaching tips from her top trainers, shared the insightful and thought-provoking feedback from the “wellness conversations” she held at the local hospital. She explained how you can use focus groups to grow your corporate presence. She finished with live Q&A with some amazing trainers!

Presenting to a Large Organization of HR Directors

On this call, Trina shared her experience presenting to a large organization of HR Directors.

Her message was to stop making wellness a committee or an initiative and start making it a way of life for the organization.

Trina shared updates on other CFCs kicking off in her community (including the City of Alpena with 84 people) and then opened up the lines to very active Q&A and updates from the group. One highlight was from Libby Burkhalter who has 56 people from a hospital and clinic signed up for her first CFC ever. Way to take action!

Planning Ideas for your Business and Life

On this call, Trina shared planning ideas for your business and life with thought-provoking questions for you and your team, such as creating a business “theme” for the year.

She discussed her recent staff retreat and the annual calendar of events that they created using the Corporate Fit Challenge and their other “staple” programs, such as 10 Day Boot Camps and Shakeology Challenges.

Trina shared insights from the book, “An Enemy Called Average” from John Mason.
She discussed the outcome of their recent Fitness Inspired Gala and challenged the group to host such an event in their business at the end of the year.

After a short roundtable and Q&A, Trina gave a step by step overview of how to organize a Fitness Inspired Gala – from collecting the stories to delivering the program.

Why People Choose to do Business with you

On this call, Kelly Bowlin, Corporate Fit Challenge Program Director, talks about human decision making based on the concept of National Keynote speaker, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

This concept explains why people choose to do business with you and it’s not about discounts or fancy equipment. People want community, authenticity and inspiration delivered by genuine people that understand why they are in the business of fitness. Get the low down and learn how to apply this concept to your business.

Kelly also provided updates on a new aspect of the Corporate Fit Challenge called the I WILL statement and the 4th CFC appointment. Add these new elements to your business to keep and satisfy your new clients/members after a challenge is completed.

Want a financial boost? Plan a Corporate Fit Challenge Reunion! Kelly provides details and marketing and promotional tips to get one started.

Growing your CFC Business Smarter not Harder

On the call, Trina welcomed 15 new world-class trainers to the Fast Track. The new energy, new blood is exciting for the continued growth of the Corporate Fit Challenge. Trina held the call from Park City, Utah where she is helping create and implement an on-site weight loss camp at a beautiful resort in the mountains. There will likely be an opportunity for trainers in the Fast Track to refer clients to the program and receive either an affiliate fee or a discounted stay at the resort.

On the note of the CFC, Trina shared tips that are applicable to newcomers and veterans in the program alike.

Here are four steps to growing your CFC business smarter and not harder this year:

  1. Schedule your CFCs for the year and then fill them. For example, place start dates on a calendar, every month or every six weeks, or four per year. Decide on a goal and then make it happen.
  2. Fill the gap between your CFCs with other programs, such as 10-day fat blasting boot camps, 5-day HardCORE camps or 6-week Thinner Winner Contests. Programs drive client retention and results.
  3. Set the price point for your Challenge. Determine what would be the likely progression from your CFC into your business. If you price your CFC at $150, then make sure they can continue on in small group training, boot camps or membership for about the same when they are done.
  4. Select the critical components that you need to include in your CFC to highlight your strengths. For example, include small group training sessions in your program, if that is a staple part of your business, or incorporate boot camp workouts, or access to your facility, etc.

Here are three things that make the CFC something to believe in:

  1. It is remarkable. It’s the “purple cow” of Corporate Fitness. You are a part of something that bucks the system and creates excitement and buzz.
  2. We get into clients’ heads. We aren’t putting a band-aid on their weight loss or health goals by giving them a pedometer. We’re seeking out their struggles, failures and helping them create a new plan.
  3. We have a proven system that works. The elements of the CFC are: individual and team coaching, large group workout, food plan, exercise prescription and journaling. It’s simple, structured and breads faith by taking out a lot of the guesswork.

Your goal as a CFC coach is to take what I’ve created it.

  • Copy it,
  • Revise it to your needs and
  • Just do it!

We had a great round table discussion and heard from nearly 20 trainers on the line —

  • Michelle Grant is finishing her first CFC tonight,
  • Gene Sherman just completed a successful Thinner Winner, spoke highly of the success of the CFC program and is kicking off two more around the corner.
  • Tanya Oliver is looking to get started and was inspired to start small and provide a mix of at-home workouts and DVDs.
  • Libby Burkhalter successfully completed her first huge CFC and is on to her second. She has now secured space at the local community college fitness center, which will open up a lot of doors for her.

Many other trainers asked great questions about how to get started and were excited to connect and learn. We went over a few minutes over our normal call time, so we didn’t get to hear from our friends at the MAC or Angie Amador in Chicago. Send updates via email!

How to Plan a Corporate Fit Challenge Reunion

In the first 25 minutes, I shared ideas for doing a CFC REUNION, combining people from various challenges to join together.

  • Veteran CFC coaches who’ve done several challenges in their community and want to offer something different.
  • Newbies who want to start their first challenge and offer a hybrid/or modified version of the CFC.

The elements of the CFC Reunion/CFC Hybrid:

  • Six week challenge
  • Helping participants create “Rules for their Health”
  • Teams of 5-8 people with one coach per team
  • One team goal-setting meeting per week
  • 4 workouts per week (on their own, either at your facility or at home, etc)
  • One group workout per week for everyone
  • “I WILL” statements each week to help them create their own rules.
  • A 212 book club with participants
  • Identify one “get outside your comfort zone” challenge during the 6 weeks
  • Journals/food plan/email accountability

Finale After the presentation, I opened the lines to a round table and Q&A. We had a great mix of trainers, club owners, newcomers and veterans. Hear from those who have made the CFC a signature part of their business, and hear from those who are just starting!

It feels good to connect with others who want to take their business to a new level.

Customize the Corporate Fit Challenge for YOU

Trina covered the following topics on this call.

  • Business advice, quotes and ideas to make you a better entrepreneur in all areas of your business.
  • Update on our CFC Rally with our local Chamber of Commerce and how YOU can do the same.
  • How to customize the CFC to highlight YOUR business strengths.

Don’t go at this business alone. Use the support of others. Share your ideas and seek out new ones.

Note: The Google Groups part of the Corporate Fit Challenge is no longer active. Connect with Trina on her Facebook page.

Coping, Collaborators and Confidence

Trina attended and spoke at a conference with Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine. She shared lots of takeaways on leadership and how his principles relate to our fitness businesses.

  • Leaders of today need to have good coping mechanisms, be collaborators and lead with CONFIDENCE
  • Leaders of today need to instill HOPE in others. Believe that people’s lives can be better with fitness and then get them to believe it, too.
  • Be confident in your ability to lead, don’t be arrogant. People want to lead, go take them there.
  • Leaders see people for better than what they are. Do this for your clients! See them as successful, paint the picture and let them believe.
  • “Who you are speaks so loudly that I can’t say a word you’re saying.” Be likable, but be real, be bold, be true, be put together, be on your game. It doesn’t matter what words come out of your mouth if you aren’t confident, if you’re late, disheveled, distracted, or disinterested. Be amazing and you’ll attract amazing people.

Trina shared about the power of small challenges. She talked about Rose who is 60 years old and 300+ lbs. She only did a CFC 18 months ago because someone at work invited her. Someone asked her the tough questions — are you happy, do you wish you were off meds, do you want to have more energy, better relationships? Someone believed in her and invited her to the CFC. More than a year later, she’s down 80 pounds and off ALL meds. Seriously.

Presentations matter. You HAVE to get in front of people. You need to influence the influencers. Tell the workplace organizer that with YOUR help, they’ll attract the people who really need this program.

Trina led a round table and heard from trainers who are launching CFCs with their City employees, stock brokers, hair stylists, banks and more!

GO AFTER IT! Fall is a busy time to be making an impact.

The Ideal Corporate Fit Challenge Coach

The theme of the this call is to learn how to become an ideal corporate fit challenge coach, including the exact traits that participants are looking for.

Trina and her membership director Amy  broke down the anatomy of a CFC team – where do the teammates come from and what do they need help with?

You’ll pick up great coaching tips as well as learn how to fine-tune your program to get world class results.

Set the Year on Fire! (New Year Motivation)

The theme of the this call was how to set the NEW YEAR on Fire NOW!

  1. Set 2013 on fire now by scheduling your year. Fill in the dates you WANT to schedule Corporate Fit Challenges. Fill in other boot camps, weight loss contests and special events in between. Projecting your revenue starts with planning the year. You WILL fill it up after you set the dates and create the intention.
  2. Use the “friends and family plan” to start your challenges. Trina talked about Bay Athletic Club’s recent Thunder Bay Accounting CFC. It was completely organized by one raving fan who invited her friends, family and coworkers to do the challenge. She was the magnet that pulled it all together. The winner lost 17 lbs and 10 inches and she hadn’t lost weight in years on her Weight Watchers program. She needed fitness, team help and finally put the scale away to see results. Small mom and pop businesses, like Thunder Bay Accounting, are great places to work with often produce new raving fans that you wouldn’t have been able to reach without a CFC.
  3. Ask your participants to do something different…it doesn’t have to be radical. Using a journal, trying new recipes, putting the scale away, starting low impact exercise — all of these add up to success. Show them that success doesn’t have to entail burpees and sprints. It can actually feel good to get fit.
  4. Focus on connections and people more than statistics. Hear how Trina approached the HR director for the public schools to get in the door to a CFC for the school system.
  5. In a world void of ideas, yours always rises to the top. Learn how Trina positioned her business as the solution to a local hospital’s wellness problem. Take some of her tips and run with them.

Business tips to help us as leaders and business owners

On this call, Trina shares business tips to help us as leaders and business owners.

Specifically, she talks about money and the fear and power associated with it.  She also touches on how the Corporate Fit Challenge is about building relationships in the community. In addition, Trina helps build your Corporate Fit Challenge business by offering advice on pricing the program, presentation tips, how to focus your time in your business and defining what yields the best returns.

Leverage Raving Fans

Trina tells stories and testimonials you can apply to your Corporate Fit Challenge business or boot camp. She explains how necessary it is to leverage raving fans into growing your business. She gives the example of a local woman who has shrunk from a size 16 to a size 6 and inspired her co-workers into fitness. Trina jokes, at the beginning of her presentation to the woman’s co-workers they were very cold and closed off; but slowly they warmed up. Eventually this group went on to being a successful Corporate Fit Challenge with great lifestyle changes for all. Trina will lead you through the steps she took to get them on the path to healthy living and how you can inspire people the same way.

You can find many stories to use here on our website. Just remember to leave the resource information when you share.

Top Tips to Land Prospective Businesses

For this special call, we had Corporate Fit Challenge Fast Track member, Doug Krueger, as a guest speaker on how to turn business advice into business success.

He gave his top tips to landing prospective businesses, sealing the deal with motivational presentations, goal setting for business and how to get your team on board.

His top piece of advice, “Make the decision to JUST DO IT!” He decided to listen to Trina’s business advice and since January has infused over 100 new people into his business. Make the leap into action after listening to his success story.

What Motivates your Team?

Bonus business info! Trina recaps her experience listening to 2011 keynote speaker Daniel Pink at IHRSA’s International convention in San Francisco.

Pink was speaking about the science of motivation. What motivates your team, your staff, your trainers? It might not be what you think! Trina will give you valuable insight to implement immediately.

Also included on this call: how to keep the CFC simple. Paralysis by analysis is the death of your CFC and potentially your business. Ready.FIRE.Aim.

Turn your Missteps into Millions

In this call Trina recapped the World’s Greatest Speaker Seminar she attended in San Diego.

The seminar was led by Brendon Burchard, author of New York Times book “Millionaire Messenger.”

Trina was personally inspired by his daily routine, which is regimented but amazingly efficient and effective. She recounts how Brendon has overcome severe obstacles in his life and turned his missteps into millions. His story is worth every second of your time. Prepare to be inspired.

Dealing with Disappointment

This call is short, sweet and action packed. We hope you take the time to listen. Trina gives a 25 minute presentation on two topics:

  • Dealing with disappointment
  • How to position yourself as an expert. She introduces the concept of an expertise statement. Listen to call to understand how it works and how to implement.

Secrets to Building Better Relationships

Trina wants to motivate and support you in making impactful change in your community by sharing secrets to building better relationships.

Results of our huge Corporate Fit Challenge that finished the night before.

Alpena Regional Medical Center had 60+ people lose 429 lbs. and 300 inches. ARMC needed a NEW solution for their existing wellness program. Wellness profiles, pedometer giveaways, even financial incentives to lower their cholesterol or quit smoking were NOT working. The Corporate Fit Challenge  blew them away. The CEO participated and said he’d recommend it to everyone. The HR director “won” by losing 8.8% of her bodyweight!

Are you ready to grow as a leader?

Do you want to grow as a leader? Listen to this call. Trina recapped the “12 Golden Rules of Work” from best-selling author and CEO Winn Claybaugh.

Learn how to up your game in business, in fitness and in the Corporate Fit Challenge by fine-tuning your daily habits.

Trina also reviewed two frequently asked questions on the CFC: How much to you pay trainers to help you coach? How much time is involved in the program?

Ian McGriff shared his experience growing the CFC from one small pilot group at Cummins Fuel in Columbus, Indiana to a company-wide effort. Trina opened up the lines to other updates from the team. Lots of kickoffs, finales and new programs set for fall. Get on board!

Back to School Challenges

Trina lights a fire under the CFC coaches to ready for a busy fall.

September should be the second biggest month of the year in health and fitness. Why? Because kids are back in school and parents are back in a routine. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and get CFCs booked.

In this coaching call, Trina covers three main topics:

  1. How to turn your CFC into a Community Wide Thinner Winner Contest
  2. The Dos and Don’ts of a live presentation on the CFC
  3. A CFC luncheon rally to stir up interest in your business community.

Hosting a CFC Rally for Local Businesses

In this high-powered coaching call, Trina shared the steps to hosting a successful Corporate Fit Challenge Rally for local businesses.

The goal was to give free information to business leaders about:

  • WHY corporate fitness makes sense
  • Why they can’t avoid it
  • How they are often the roadblocks and what they can do now to change it.

Trina hosted her first-ever CFC Rally and had 18 businesses reserve a CFC date at the end of the luncheon and presentation.

Trina reviewed how she marketed the event, organized it, recruited for it and delivered it.

cfcRavingFansA slam dunk for trainers, coaches and club owners who are willing to share their expertise in corporate fitness and inspire leaders to act.

At the end of the call, we heard success stories from several Fast Track members about how their efforts are growing fast, and spreading like wildfire in their communities.

One club is actually taking the CFC in house for 100+ of its own employees.

How to engage with your CFC participants

The theme of the call was “TAKE CARE OF THEM.” In the Corporate Fit Challenge Fast Track, we often talk about how to get in the door to businesses, how to deliver and effective presentation and how to promote sign ups. Here is a call to learn more about WHAT to do in your coaching appointments with participants.

Trina shared simple tips to help coaches learn how to

  • help their teams move more
  • eat better
  • make better daily choices
  • what questions to ask in the sessions
  • specific homework assignments
  • ways to engage conversation in email
  • and more.

You’ll also learn some pitfalls of being a coach and what to avoid.

Trina also reviewed “Google Group etiquette.” Please only post messages that benefit the entire group or seek advice from the group. We want the group to be “active” but not “spam.” If you have a specific question on an item in the CFC kit, or how to download a call or find a form, please email directly and she’ll promptly assist you. Please chime in on people’s questions, share you feedback, praise, etc. We love hearing from you! But don’t respond with a “I’m wondering that, too.” Let’s keep the emails purposeful so people look forward to reading (and not deleting) them. Finally, please use an appropriate subject line for your message, so people can quickly scan them and figure out which ones interest them. For example, if you need advice on delivering presentation, subject line: “Tips for my CFC presentation to the bank”

(Note: the Google Groups is no longer active. Please connect with Trina on her Facebook Page.)

How to persevere through a difficult audience

In this coaching call, Trina shared the details of a presentation that she delivered at a local manufacturing company to a group of midnight shift workers who had received bad news on their insurance premiums for the coming year and appeared disinterested in hearing about health and wellness.

Trina talked about how to break through to “non-believers,” how to persevere through a difficult presentation and how to reach out to an unengaged audience. You must believe strongly in the message yourself and be willing to boldly share it and know that they are hearing you and may choose to take action.

Trina also shared some personal development tips from a book she is reading, PUSH, by Chalene Johnson. Trina discussed the importance of having a priority statement, goals for the year and daily to-do lists.